Getting to Hidden House

The best and closest airport to us is Split International Airport and there are direct flights from the beginning of April right through to the end of October from London Gatwick and then from May from all London airports and other major cities, including Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast and Dublin.

You can also fly to Dubrovnik or Zadar, and all winter via Zagreb. BA fly nearly all year to Dubrovnik (not end of November until February). There are 2 catamarans running from Dubrovnik to Hvar town a day, morning and evening which take approx 3 hours.

Check out

This site has all flights and dates and when they start as well as having a huge amount of information about Croatia.

Also check out for all the information you need about the airport. The airport is only 30 mins to central Split and there is always a line of airport buses waiting for each flight. It costs 30 HRK or you can take a taxi for approx. 300 HRK where most taxi drivers speak some English. Split also has Uber which can be a bit cheaper and so its worth using your app. There are plenty of Hire Car companies at the airport but if you do want to hire a car, do book in advance in peak season. Remember in peak season it is hard to get on the ferry with a car, just too many people, and expensive, so you will have to buy the ticket in advance and queue at least 2 hours before the ferry departure time. I suggest you come as a foot passenger and hire a car in Stari Grad if you want to discover the rest of Hvar island. There are also plenty of taxis and buses to get you around the island as well as hire cars including fabulous top down vintage beetles. Although our favourite thing to do is to hire a rent a boat and discover the hidden coves in The Stari Gard Bay area. Finding a quiet cove to relax and have a picnic or search for a hidden restaurant tucked into the pine trees is a real delight. 

Arrive in style with a private water taxi transfer, door to door from the airport.

Arrive in style with a private water taxi transfer, door to door from the airport.

And if you want a private speed boat pick up from Split Airport to Hidden House (nearly door to door) we have a great friend who will do airport runs for €330 (10 people maximum). The journey is approx 1 hour and you will be met at the airport with your luggage and escorted down to the sea (5 mins) in a taxi.

He can also take you on other trips from Stari Grad whilst you are with us, perhaps you want to go to Bol for the day, or a trip to the Blue Caves, Vis or have one of the best lunches at the fabulous Zori restaurant (where Chris designed the cocktail menu and did the training) on the exotic Palmizana islands near Hvar Town. If you want to turn up in style just let us know and we will organise everything for you. 

The other main way to get to us is by ferry and takes 2 hours but is a lovely route through the island sitting on the deck in the sun and is very inexpensive. 39 kuna per adult, 19.50 kuna per child and 250 kuna for a small car.

It is the only car ferry to the island and is from Downtown Split to Stari Grad ferry port, only 5 minutes away from the centre of Stari Grad.

This year we have some exciting news, Jadrolinija has finally designed an app so you can now purchase tickets and get all the timetables etc without having to find the little white kiosks, queuing up for a ticket, or having to print off tickets whilst you are on holiday.

The app is available on the App Store for iOS devices on this link

or on Google Play

If you are coming with a car, please note you will need to book your ticket in advance and put your car in a queue up to 2 hours before departure to secure a space in peak season. Normally as a foot passenger you can just walk on with a ticket 30 mins before departure however its not always easy to find a seat in peak time.

This is the link for the ferry website to get more details if you don’t use apps.

However look below at some of the most popular routes and times for 2019 but do check the app or the website for all the other routes including those to and from Hvar Town, Korcula, Vis and Dubrovnik even Italy.

Now there is some more exciting news as from June 1st a new company is launching a new route and I think it will help us all on Stari Grad too.

It is a new fast catamaran service running from Split airport to Bol on Brac and then (once a day) to Stari Grad with a very special direct return journey once a day to Split airport directly which only takes one hour leaving Stari Grad at 15.05 arriving at Split airport at 16.05. We hope this is a big success as they might add more then. 

So go to the Split Express website for full timetable and to book tickets. 

Split Airport–Split (Town) 15 min  

Split Airport–Bol (Brac) 65-105 min

Split Airport–Stari Grad (Hvar) 60-110 min

Split Town-Bol (Brac) 55 min

Main car ferry times -

01.01.2019 - 30.05.2019 & 30.09.2019 - 31.12.2019

Everyday SPLIT to STARI GRAD (Hvar)     08.30……..14.30……..20.30

Every day STARI GRAD (Hvar) to SPLIT    05.30……..11.30……..17.30

Also from 15.04.2019 - 31.05.2019 there will be an added ferry at 14.30 from Stari Grad to Split on Weekdays only, not weekends or holidays.

 31.05.2019 - 29.09.2019

Everyday SPLIT - STARI GRAD (Hvar)    01.30 (02/07- 05/09 only)


Everyday STARI GRAD (Hvar) - SPLIT    05.30…07.45…11.30…14.00…17.30…20.00

                                                                   23.00 (01/07 - 04/09 only)

Saturdays on 08.30 voyage, Split and from Stari Grad –  cars have priority in loading. 

Cargo vehicles have priority in loading all other times so beware in peak season the ferry with a car can get busy.

Duration of voyage - 120 minutes

There is also a catamaran from JELSA (Hvar) – SPLIT and Back. Jelsa is 8 km from Stari Grad and we can arrange a taxi for you.

Catamaran line 9603 from dates 31.05.2010 - 29.09.2019


Everyday Departs from JELSA at 06.00 arriving at SPLIT at 07.40


Everyday Departs from SPLIT at 16.30 arriving at JELSA at 18.10

I do hope this helps and if that wasn’t enough excitement we have an app called Pick App for taxi’s on Hvar. The one problem we have found living in paradise is the expense and difficulty of getting a taxi when you want one from anywhere. Well that is about to change as this app will link you with the nearest taxi driver and just like Uber you can see the driver before hand, rate them and get the price as well as pay by card or cash.

The app is available on the App Store for iOS devices on this link

or on Google Play

See you soon.

Amanda and Chris x