Our first photo in Stari Grad taken in 2006 (wow fresh faced, amazing what 10 years can do to you).

Our first photo in Stari Grad taken in 2006 (wow fresh faced, amazing what 10 years can do to you).

In 2003 a very exciting chapter of our lives opened up and here we are in 2015 ready to jump in and see it unfold.

Needing a holiday away from our busy lives at Blanch House (Brighton, U.K.), we took a flight to Dubrovnik after my Mum had been going on and on about this stunning country of Croatia, (She had been coming for years when it was Yugoslavia). So in for a penny, we hired a car and went exploring and first stop was the historic City of Dubrovnik, and yes, well before the days of ‘Game of Thrones’ we really did think we had been teleported back into ancient times within this magnificent walled City.

Then a drive up one of the most spectacular coast roads up the Makarska Riviera towards Split, passing the famous oyster beds of Ston and endless crystal clear bays and quite sleepy villages. By this time it was clear that the jaw dropping beauty of Croatia had won our hearts, just as my Mum had predicted and we had only been here a few days.

Anyway, it would be a very long first journal if we went into detail, but suffice to say, our time in Split (which blew us away) and then Sibenik, Zadar and many places in between, got us thinking... "why don’t we look at a few properties, just look, nothing more, just to see what all the fuss was about?" So we did. And then we thought of the islands close to Split. First Brac and a few amazing houses that really cemented our idea about a little bolt hole away from the rat race and then we took the ferry to Hvar...

As the ferry pulled into the harbour you could see the Town of Stari Grad nestled in a long and safe natural harbour with the church spire dominating the skyline. Little did we know that this would become our home 11 years later. But there was something very magical about our first time on Hvar. We just knew this was the place we would end up falling in love with.