So its the end of the year again, it comes around so so quickly and its a great time to reflect on our 2nd season and our beautiful home. Christmas was quiet this year but so sunny and warm that it felt like Autumn not Winter. 

We have been so blessed this year as every one of our guests were so wonderful, they all really enjoyed being in our home and we have made very many friends, some who have already booked again for 2018. This is why we open our home up to strangers, they don't stay strangers very long at all. 

Even through the hottest Summer we have had for years (yes in the 40's), everyone was so patient and just spent more time in the sea, and the cats were very well behaved and received plenty of love, especially our tiny kitten Coco who we found gravely ill having fallen out of a window onto the hard stone pavement. He survived and is now firmly part of our family at Hidden House as you can see. 

So all that is to say is a very very Happy New Year and hope we get to see you in 2018 at Hidden House. 

Amanda and Chris x